Did you know that the South Asian community is the largest and fastest growing demographic in Washington State? Yet the voice and interests of the community is not represented enough. To have meaningful change and dialogue, let’s come together to help elect good candidates who can make changes.

At this critical time in the United States, progressive South Asian voices will help forward policies that combat racism, hatred, fear and much more. Immigrant rights and contributions need to be acknowledged more than they are now. We have much work to do.

But to ensure we accomplish the goal of having our voices represented at every level of government, we need financial help from our community.

Please get involved with us to help us grow the community’s voice. Get involved in activities with us! We cannot do this without you.

On behalf of the South Asian PAC, we thank you for your support. Please make a donation that you can afford- every little will make a big difference.

To make a contribution, please click on the DONATE link on this page or mail your contribution to:

South Asian PAC

c/o Argo Strategies,

P.O. Box 9100, Seattle, WA 98109. 



Paid for by South Asian PAC | PO Box 9100 | Seattle, WA 98109

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