About Us

In 2017, a group of Washingtonians formed the South Asian Political Action Committee to provide a platform to build a lasting political infrastructure that ensures that South Asians are represented in elected positions and that those in elected office are accountable to the South Asian community regardless of their political affiliation.

SAPAC is a secular non-partisan South Asian community organization in Washington State that aims to:

    • Better understand and represent our community’s values
    • Provide a forum for respectful political discussion
    • Allow for networking and community building through engaging events and cultural conversations
    • Advocate and support candidates who represent the South Asian community on a state and local level

Leading up to the state and local elections in 2018, SAPAC will be educating and endorsing elected officials, political leaders, and candidates in the concerns and priorities shared by South Asians in Washington. Overall, SAPAC supports candidates committed to improving the quality of life for South Asians in Washington. SAPAC will be identifying candidates that are best equipped to move our agenda through a thorough and democratic process led by the SAPAC board.

The vision of the SAPAC is to be a have better representation of the South Asian community in Washington State by establishing itself as an institutional support until elected representation and policy changes recognize the needs of the South Asian population in Washington.

SAPAC does not discriminate based on race, gender, sexuality, age, and immigration status.


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